Aidan: Can we go to the library now?

Mom: I am too hot, I am all sweaty, I need to rest for a minute.

Aidan: The air-con in the library is a lot stronger, so get up and let's go NOW!


Aidan: I got two stamps for doing my homework, what does it mean?

Mom: It means you did a good job, but you can still do better.

Aidan: So what does three stamps mean?

Mom: It means you did an excellent job, almost perfect.

Aidan: Oh, so I see, if you get four stamps, it means you can get a present from the teacher.  If you get five stamps, it means you can get a day off.  If you get six stamps, it means you can skip school altogether, because you know everything already.


Aidan: I learned a vegetable today... you know, that one that looks like a banana but with the wrong color! It's purple instead of yellow, but it sure looks like a banana.


Mom: OK, let's take turn to throw the ball now.  Let's start with me, then Ethan, then Aidan.

Aidan: What? You like me least, is that why you put me last?

Mom: Nope, I just go in turn of age, so is easier for me to remember. I am the oldest, so I go first.

Aidan: Why can't you go from young to old then???


Aidan was looking at a button with an "Up" arrow inside our car, and all of a sudden, he looked amazed and said, "Mom, so if you press this button, will we start flying into the sky???!!!"


Mom: Did you finish the drink I gave you for snack today?

Aidan: Nope.

Mom: How much did you drink?

Aidan (right after peeing) points to the pee and said: That's how much I drank.


Ethan: Mom, are you still tired from our trip?

Mom: Yes.

Ethan: That's why I turned on the music, so you can listen to it and relax.

Mom: Okay.

Aidan (to Ethan): Then maybe you should STOP singing, so she can really RELAX!


Mom: How about I give you a guinea pig for Christmas?

Aidan: NOOOOO, I want chicken wing not guinea pig!!!

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  • Joan from HK
  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Aidan can be a small devil sometimes, but I truly admire his quick wit. He is good material for barrister.
  • I would think he is more devilish than witty!

    Ellen 於 2010/12/07 15:46 回覆

  • 雪立
  • 剛從小熊媽那裡發現妳的格子,真是令我震驚耶....
    我兩個兒子剛好也叫Ethan(11歲) 和 Aidan(6歲)...
  • 真的好巧喔!連順序都一樣耶!! 妳的格子介紹的書我們也有看喔!

    Ellen 於 2010/12/07 15:45 回覆

  • Constance
  • 雪立,這麼巧喔?


  • 還真多謝熊媽讓那麼多人來我的格子呢!

    Ellen 於 2010/12/07 15:47 回覆